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CALPADS Data Management Services

We manage your student data submissions from data entry to certification.

MeasureED helps schools manage their student data towards successful CALPADS certification.

From the initial CALPADS Fall 1 and Fall 2 submissions through to the comprehensive End of Year (EOY) 1-4 data reporting, we empower our partners to narrate their unique data story through the focused perspective of the California Department of Education (CDE). Throughout our journey, we've had the privilege of managing data for hundreds of thousands of students, gaining invaluable insights into how to foster productive partnerships between school leadership and their data management teams. Our CALPADS data management program is meticulously designed to deliver optimal outcomes for our school partners, ensuring they maintain complete control and transparency over their data, and a human touch in every interaction.

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Make every student count.

Every student deserves recognition, whether they are part of Special Education Programs, English Learners, or Free/Reduced Lunch Recipients. Our commitment is to ensure no student goes unnoticed or unserved. Through our meticulous pre-certification process, we actively engage relevant stakeholders to review both the lists of students who have been counted in CALPADS and those who have not. This comprehensive approach guarantees that every student is seen, valued, and supported.

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Continuous improvement of student data throughout the school year.

At our core, we understand that student data is ever-evolving, and so are our efforts to keep pace. With automated systems and supportive best practices in place, we're dedicated to continuously monitoring and refining CALPADS data. This ensures not only its accuracy and timeliness but also that it's comprehensible for all stakeholders prior to each certification.

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An amazing team as your guide.

Navigating CALPADS is never a solo journey, yet numerous schools face constraints that limit their access to the advantages of a larger team. We understand these challenges and offer a comprehensive data team solution right from the start. This ensures that even schools with new or solitary data managers can harness the strength and expertise of a significantly larger, seasoned CALPADS team.

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A process managed from the first day of school to the last.

At the heart of our approach lies Project and Change Management. We're here to support you with the tools and methodologies designed to eliminate the stress and uncertainty from the process of CALPADS data submissions. We aim to ensure that submissions are completed ahead of schedule and with a feeling of control.

Sample data types included in our CALPADS support 

CALPADS Accountability and Monitoring Reports
  • Report 16.21: Students with Disabilities – Overdue Plan Review and Reevaluation Meetings Student List
CALPADS Certification Reports
  • Fall 1
    • Report 1.1: Enrollment - Primary and Short Term Enrollment Count by Subgroup
    • Report 1.17: LCFF Unduplicated Pupil Count
    • Report 1.24: Dropouts by Subgroup
    • Report 2.1: Title lll Eligible Immigrants – Count
    • Report 2.8: English Language Acquisition Status – Count by Primary Language (Fall)
    • Report 2.9: English Language Acquisition Status – Census Comparison
    • Report 2.14: Language Instruction Program – Count
    • Report 16.12: Students with Disabilities - Education Plan by Primary Disability Count (Fall 1)
    • Report 16.13: Students with Disabilities – Count by Federal Setting (Fall 1)
  • Fall 2
    • Report 2.4: English Learner Education Services – Student Count Unduplicated
    • Report 2.5: English Learner Education Services – Unduplicated Count of Teachers Providing EL Services
    • Report 3.6: Course Section Enrollment – Count by Content Area
    • Report 4.1: Staff – Count and FTE by Job Classification
    • Report 17.1: Postsecondary Status Outcome - Count
  • EOY1
    • Report 3.9: Course Sections Completed - Count by Content Area for Departmentalized Courses
    • Report 3.14: Career Technical Education Noncompleter Participants – Count
    • Report 3.19: Career Technical Education Completers – Count by Pathway
    • Report 18.1: Work-Based Learning - Count
  • EOY2
    • Report 5.1: Program Participants – Count
  • EOY3
    • Report 1.21: Cumulative Enrollment - Count
    • Report 1.22: Graduates and Completers Count
    • Report 2.16: English Language Acquisition Status - ELs Reclassified RFEP (EOY 3)
    • Report 5.4: Homeless Students Enrolled - Unduplicated Count by School
    • Report 7.10: Incident – Count
    • Report 7.11: Incident Result – Count
    • Report 7.13: Student Offense – Count by Offense
    • Report 7.15: Incident Actions – Persistently Dangerous Offense Expulsions
    • Report 7.16: Incident Removals for Students with Disabilities – Count
    • Report 7.17: Unilateral Removals for Students with Disabilities – Count
    • Report 14.1: Student Absenteeism Count
  • EOY4
    • Report 16.1: Students with Disabilities - Education Plan by Primary Disability (EOY 4)
    • Report 16.2: Students with Disabilities – Count by Federal Setting (EOY 4)
    • Report 16.5: Students with Disabilities - Student Services (EOY 4)
    • Report 16.9: Students with Disabilities Program Exits (EOY4)
    • Report 17.3: Postsecondary Survey Outcome for SWDs - Count
CALPADS Direct Certification
  • CALPADS Direct Certification Extract
  • Report 1.17: LCFF Unduplicated Pupil Count
  • Report 1.18: LCFF Unduplicated Pupil Student List
SIS Extracts
  • CRSC (Course Section Completion)
  • CRSE (Course Section Enrollment)
  • PSTS (Postsecondary Status)
  • SASS (Staff Assignment)
  • SCSC (Student Course Section Completion)
  • SCSE (Student Course Section Enrollment)
  • SCTE (Student Career Technical Education)
  • SDEM (Staff Demographics)
  • SELA (Student English Language Acquisition)
  • SENR (SSID Enrollment)
  • SIRS (Student Incident Result)
  • SINC (Student Incident)
  • SINF (Student Information)
  • SOFF (Student Offence)
  • SPRG (Student Program)
  • STAS (Student Absence Summary)

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Student data management news, updates, and best practices for California State Reporting and Data Submissions.

All CALPADS support options include

  • Real-life Amazing Humans

    With our extensive experience and deep expertise, we've cultivated meaningful partnerships across a broad spectrum of schools. These connections empower us to craft innovative, supportive solutions that AI cannot replicate.

  • Unlimited Access

    Leverage our services to your heart's content. At our core, we believe that true success is measured by the number of challenges we help you overcome, not the time it takes to do so.

  • A Deep Bench

    Every MeasureED partner is assigned not just a primary contact and a backup for seamless support but also has the direct cell phone number to our company President. Our President is actively engaging in projects daily.

  • Ticketless Problem Solving

    Experience a direct, personalized connection with our team through cell phone, email, and videoconferencing. We do not use service tickets to ensure that when you reach out, you're greeted by a familiar voice every single time.

  • Sustainability

    Our ultimate goal is to empower your team to such an extent that our assistance becomes optional, not mandatory. Celebrating your independence is one way we define success.

  • 30-day Notice

    At our core, we're committed to the growth and success of your team. If our services no longer align with your evolving needs, we believe in empowering you with the flexibility to pivot without the constraints of a lengthy contract.

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