How do I Access ADM (Average Daily Membership) Reports for AzEDS State Reporting?


This article is designed to guide you through accessing the SPED20, EL20, and ADM20 reports available through ADEConnect/AzEDS.

To learn how to reconcile the SPED20, EL20, and ADM20 reports see this articleHow do I use AzEDS ADM15 to Reconcile the SPED20, EL20, and ADM20 Reports for State Reporting?

Step 1 – AzED URL

Navigate to, then hover over ADEConnect in the upper right corner. Click the ADEConnect button to access the login page.

Step 2 – Credentials

Sign in using the appropriate credentials.

Step 3 – ADEConnect

Click on “View Applications.”

Click on the AzEDS Portal link for the appropriate LEA.

Step 4 – AzEDS Portal

Step 5 – System Status – Reports

The next screen is a System Status screen. In the upper left corner, click on “Reports.”

Ensure that you select the correct year and LEA for generating reports, then click the “ADM” button in the green menu on the left.

Step 6 – Choosing the reports

The reports are accessible by clicking their titles in the menu that drops down.

Step 7 – Data Capture Date

All reports require that you select a Data Capture Date. EL and SPED reports also have a “District Of:” option.

When selecting the date, make sure you use the same date across all reports. Generally, you will want the most recent.

For “District Of:”, we recommend using Submitting, though we have not noticed a difference between “Submitting” data and “Residence” data.

Finally, click “View Report” to see the report.

Updated on January 12, 2023

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