How do I add a new teacher or staff member to PowerSchool? (Quick Version)

This article will walk you through how to create a new teacher/staff member in PowerSchool with the fewest amount of steps.  This article is not meant to be an detailed walkthrough of every teacher/staff field, but rather to get the reader up and running fast!

Before adding a new teacher/staff member to PowerSchool, we must first check that the teacher/staff is indeed new or is returning.  Returning teachers/staff members can easily be mistaken as new since PowerSchool hides previous members once they leave, leading you to believe that they are no longer in the system even though they still have a dormant record.

Best Practice Alert!  This initial step is designed to ensure that duplicate staff records are not created.

Step 1:  Search for a previous record by typing a “/” before the first few letters of the person’s last name. 

This will reveal any matches in the database for both new and old members.

20140203 1418 Capture

If no match is found, you will receive a search alert that “No faculty names match your entry.”  You are now ready to create a new teacher or staff member!

20140203 1419 Capture

Step 2:  From the home page, click on “New Staff Entry”

20140203 1420 Capture

Step 3:  For fast creation, fill in the bare minimum information which includes first name, last name, and a unique staff ID # before pressing “Submit”



Success!  If everything was done correctly, you should now be at the information page of the new teacher/staff member with the ability to continue adding demographic information and staff type.

Updated on May 16, 2018

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