How Do I Confirm That Teachers Have Complete Gradebooks Prior To Storing Grades? (Section Readiness Report)

Have you ever wondered how you can see which teachers have marked their section gradebooks as completed so that you can focus efforts on working with the teachers that remain prior to storing grades?  Now you can using the Section Readiness report!  The Section Readiness report will show you which sections have verified “Complete” or “Not Complete” for specific terms.

Finding the Report

Navigate to School (Setup) > PowerTeacher Pro Settings (Grading) > Section Readiness (Complete Grades)

Running the Report

There are two filters at the top of this report that you can use to isolate a specific Reporting Term or Verified Status.  One you apply it, the listing will show:

  • Reporting Term
  • Teacher Name
  • Period/Day
  • Course Number
  • Course Name
  • Section Number
  • Verified Status
  • Verified Date
  • Teacher Status Comment

Updated on October 23, 2018

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