How do I enter a new Incident in PowerSchool Part 1 of 2 for (CIRS) State Reporting in Vermont?


This article will guide you step by step on how to enter an Incident in PowerSchool, focusing on those fields that are required for State Reporting.

Required: Part 2 will guide you on entering the participants, their behavior(s) and actions taken.

When a disciplinary incident occurs, it should always be recorded in PowerSchool as soon as possible. Waiting until later in the school year runs the risk of inaccurate entries.

Incident Management in PowerSchool is referred to as CIRS and stands for Combined Incident Reporting Software.

There are two ways to enter incidents in PowerSchool.

  1. Via Incident Management
    • From the Start Page > District or School level > left-menu panel under Functions > Select Incident Management.
  2. Via Student Search
    • From the Start Page > for the school you are at > Select the Student in question > under Administration > select Incidents.

The process outlined below follows the Incident Management option.

Create a Quick Incident in PowerSchool

Under Functions from the homepage > Select Incident Management

Once at Incident Management > Click the “Create Incident” dropdown arrow and select “Create Quick Incident”. (Quick Incident is a more guided user-friendly option to enter incidents.)

This will take you to a new Incident under Incident Details.

Step 1: Incident Details Section

  • Incident Template (Optional)
    • If an Incident Template was previously created and saved, that template can be retrieved here.
    • Otherwise, leave blank.
  • Incident Description
    • Title (Required)
      • In brief terms, title the incident.
    • Description (Required)
      • From the AOE’s Knowledge Base site: Clearly explain the incident so someone not present would understand the reason for the resulting suspension/expulsion.
        • Who was involved
        • What occurred
        • *Do not use commas as they will parse the information in the state file when submitted.
    • Incident Type (Required)
      • State Reportable
      • Teacher Referral
    • Incident Date (Required)
      • Enter the date the Incident occurred.
    • Time (of Incident) (Required)
      • Enter the time the Incident occurred.
    • Time Frame (Required)
      • Select when the Incident occurred.
    • Number of Participants (Required)
      • Key to remember to enter the number of participants here. Otherwise additional screens will not be available and the remaining information will have to be entered in the Incident Builder using Incident Elements.
        • Indicate the number of participants in the Incident.
          • This includes Victims and Offenders.
    • Prepared By (Required)
      • Enter the name of the individual that prepared the Incident.
  • Location
    • School (Required)
      • Select the school where the Incident occurred.
    • Location (Required)
      • Select where the Incident occurred.
    • Location Description (As Applicable)
      • Describe the location the Incident took place.

Step 2: Attributes Section

Required fields listed first, followed by the “As Applicable” fields.


  • Admin Verified
    • Indicate if this incident was verified by School or District Administration.
      • No
      • Yes
  • Criminal Offense
    • Defined by the Agency of Education Knowledge Base site as:
      • “When the police are called in relation to an incident that happened at school. Almost all of the offenses are criminal if charges are pressed aside from School conduct/policy violation, bullying, harassment, hazing”.
  • Drug
    • Were drugs involved in the Incident?
      • If yes
        • Select the drug(s) involved in the incident. (More than one can be selected)
    • If no, select “No Drug Involved”.
  • Violence Related
    • Indicate if the incident was violence related.
      • No
      • Yes
  • Weapon
    • Was a weapon involved in the Incident?
      • If yes
        • Select the weapon(s) involved in the incident. (More than one can be selected).
      • If no
        • Select “No Weapon”.

As applicable:

  • Harassment Category
    • Select the harassment category involved in the incident. (More than one can be selected)
    • If not applicable, leave unselected.
  • Offense Category (CRDC).
  • (This field is collected for CRDC Federal Reporting purposes).
    • Defined by the Agency of Education Knowledge Base site as:
      • “A codeset value indicating the related category of a harassment incident”.
  • Click SAVE.

You have completed Part 1 of this 2 part process. Continue to Part 2 to complete the Additional Participants section.

Updated on March 17, 2023

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