How do I exit a No-Show student in PowerSchool that was expected to return?

This article will explain how to properly exit a student in PowerSchool that is a no show.  Before we start changing things, we need to be very clear about the type of student it was that did not show up.

Returning student no-show:  This student attended the school in previous year, was enrolled on the last day of school before summer and was expected to return after summer.

New student no-show:  This student went through the school’s enrollment process as a new student, but never showed up to the first day of school.  This student has no prior enrollment history at the school.  If this is your case, please see the article “How do I exit a no-show student in PowerSchool that was a new student”.

This article will walk through the process for exiting the returning student no-show.

Returning student no-show

Step 1:  Determine the exit date of the previous school year.

You can find this information in the student record under “Transfer Info” under the Enrollment category.  Look under the most recent “Previous Enrollments”. 

In the case of the student above, the exit date of the previous school year is 6/16/2022.  Remember this date.

Step 2: Transfer the student out of the school

Navigate from the student record to: Functions (Enrollment) > Transfer out of School

Set the Exit Date to be the same date as the original Entry Date, and the Exit Code as code N470 – No Show Other, and press Submit.


Step 3:  Change the current enrollment start and end date.

To be 3 days after the exit date of the previous school year.

Navigating back to “Transfer Info” under the Enrollment category, we now change our attention to the “Current Enrollment.”  It is here that we edit the records such that the Entry and Exit date are both manually changed to be 3 days after the date retrieved in Step 1 above.  By doing so, you have a start and end date that finish after the last day of the previous school year. It also prevents multiple enrollments from being reported through the State SSID Report should you need to re-run any reports from the end of the previous school year.

Step 4:  Confirmation

Success!  If everything was performed properly, you should see a screen similar to this one:

And the Transfer Info should reflect the information as shown below:

But what if I get the following error?

This is a common error that occurs when the student has already been listed as absent for several days. If this is the case, all attendance must be cleared before we exit this student. To do so, follow Step 1 ONLY using the following “How do I exit a student from PowerSchool”.

For California Public Schools:  Refer to the updated CALPADS documentation regarding No-Show Exit Codes and enrollment process to ensure CALPADS compliance.

Updated on March 28, 2023

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