How do I hand schedule a student in Illuminate?

This article shows how to hand schedule student(s) to schedule AFTER teacher time blocks and course availability have been set you can now begin scheduling students

Scheduling > Live Sections (Live Schedule) or

Scheduling > The Board (Live Schedule)

1A. If using Live Sections, click on the Edit icon for the Section you wish to add a student to.

1A. If using The Board, click on the Section Number for the Section you wish to add a student to and click “Edit Section”.

2. Click on Place Students in the upper menu bar

3. Choose the As of Date (aka Start Date) and click “Find Students”

4. Select the Check Box next to the students you wish to enroll and click “Schedule Students”.

5. You will receive a notice that X student(s) were successfully scheduled to the section.

6. Navigate to Scheduling > The Board (Live Schedule)

7. You should now see your section with the number of students enrolled and the number of spaces remaining!


Note: Grade level lists of students will shrink as they are added to teachers’ rosters.



Updated on April 27, 2018

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