How do I import test scores into PowerSchool?

In this page, you will learn how to import test scores into PowerSchool.  For the purposes of this walkthrough, an ACT upload is used but the same would apply to any test.

Step 1:  Populate the test import template

Start by downloading the Import Test Scores Template here: 20150714 Import Test Scores Template

The header row should look something like this:


  • Columns B and C are highlighted in red because we do not need to import those fields and are there for the ease of filling out the template.
  • Columns F and beyond contains the title of the score names and are categorized into one of three possibilities:  Num, %, and Alpha.  Depending on the test, you should rename these fields.  You do not include the “Test Name” because you select that on import.
    • {ScoreName}_Num
      • “Num” is often used for scores that contain number marks only.  In the case of ACT scores, we use this.
    • {ScoreName}_%
      • “%” is often used for scores that contain marks that are X% of 100%.
    • {ScoreName}_Alpha
      • “Alpha” is often used for scores that contain AlphaNumeric marks.  Examples include A, B, C, D, and F.

If you are not sure about what the {ScoreName} should be in your case, please contact us and we will help you to find out how your test is configured.

Step 2:  Save the file as a tab delimited text file in Excel.

This should be located under File > Save As in Excel.  You might the “Format” pull-down but this is dependent on the version of Excel that you have.

Step 3:  Upload

From the Admin Home Page, navigate to Special Functions > Importing and Exporting >Quick Import.  If you do not have access privileges, please contact us.  From here, you want to

  1. Choose “Table:  Test Results”
  2. Chose the tab delimited text file that you have now saved to your computer.
  3. Click Import

Choose the Test Name and click “Submit”



Map your file headers to matching PS fields and check the box titled “Check to exclude first row” and click Submit.

Spot Check to make sure that there were no errors upon upload.  If there are errors, they will show up in Red.

Updated on August 24, 2018

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