How do I input comments into the PowerTeacher Gradebook for Standards Based Grading and Common Core?

The very first thing that you need to ask is whether or not you are using Standards Based Grading! In PowerTeacher Gradebook, you can consider there to be:

  • A Traditional Grading system where a grade is assigned to a single class and there is the opportunity to write one comment per class
  • Standards Based Grading (Example: Common Core) where we assign standards that are specifically designed to hold comments OR you can comment on specific standards.  In a Standards Based Grading setup, you can have an infinite number of commenting areas depending on the standards used!

20140220 1128 Capture

Step 1:  Ensure that you have the correct term and and class selected for the appropriate period.

20140220 1231 Capture


Step 2:  Double click on the empty box under the comments standard to open the comments window.  A new window should open titled “Standard Comment” as well as a box to type a comment.  You can type as many characters as the system administrator has allowed.  You can always find out how many characters you have left by looking at the bottom left corner.

20140220 1216 Capture

Step 3:  When you click close, a blue circle with a C should appear which indicates that there is a comment that is being stored in that field!




Updated on April 27, 2018

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