How do I lookup EL information in CALPADS individually?

When a new student enters your school, it is likely that your primary sources of information include the students cumulative file and enrollment documents.  But what if you need historical information that is not included in those sources.  In California, we can use the CALPADS system to retrieve this information for fast input into your school’s student information system.

You must have a CALPADS login in order to do this.  If you do not have a CALPADS user name and password, see your CALPADS administrator for your school.

Step 1:  Navigate to and login

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Step 2:  There are two scenarios to get to English Learner Information

Scenario A:  If you have the student’s SSID, navigate to State Reporting > Online Maintenance > Maintain Student Data:

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Scenario A:  Enter the SSID and click Search:

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Scenario B:  If you DO NOT have the student’s SSID yet, navigate to SSID Enrollment

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Scenario B:  Click to “Search By Demographic”, enter partial student information and click “Lookup Student”

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Scenario B: Pick the correct student name that corresponds to your new student.  The information that will normally appear on the right will help you to choose the right one.

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Scenario B: Click on Maintain Student Information

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Step 3: Click on English Language

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Step 4:  View English Language Information

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Here we will find three critical pieces of information:

  • Acquisition Code
    • This is the students history of ELA Status
  • Proficiency Level (Only for RFEP)
    • This is the indicator that flags a student as one that has scored a proficient or
      advanced on the California English Language Arts Standards Test
      for three cumulative years after being reclassified/redesignated as fluent
      English proficient (RFEP).
  • Status Date
    • This is the Current ELA Status Start Date

Step 5:  Click on “Student Status History”

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Step 6:  View “Student Status History” Information

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Here we will find one critical pieces of information:

  • Initial US Enrollment Date
    • If this is blank as your school is the first enrollment that this student has had, the Initial US Enrollment Start Date is the date they started at your school.
Updated on April 27, 2018

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