How do I make a Student Query or Selection in PowerSchool? (Intermediate)

Now that you can click through to any student you like, now we can take a more direct and powerful approach by using the search bar of the home screen.  In this article we will handle some of the most basic queries.  If you are looking for more advanced queries, go here.

In this article, we will cover the following basic search queries:

  1. Select a student(s) by last name
  2. Select a student(s) by student number
  3. Select a student(s) by ANY Student Data field
  4. Select a student(s) for a specific date

Select a student(s) by last name

One of the simplest searches to perform is by last name as there is nothing additional to type, and partial last names will work just fine.  For example:  If you want to search for John Doe, you would simply type:

  • “D” for a rough search
  • “Do” for a better search
  • or “Doe” for the most precise search

20140128 1343 Capture

After pressing enter or the magnifying glass icon, you should have a list of all of the students with the last name Doe OR with Doe as a potion of their last name.

Select a student(s) by student number

In addition to last name, student number is a field that can also be entered without anything else.  In this case, however, the number must be precise.  If Jane Doe’s school issued student number is 12345, just type 12345!

20140128 1349 Capture

Select a student(s) by ANY Student Data field

Maybe you want to search on lunch status?  Maybe city of their address?  Primary Language even?  You can do this and more if you complete a search based on any of the fields from the Student Data field list located to the right of the search bar.

20140128 1353 Capture

If you click on it, you should see a list of all of the student values that you can use.

20140128 1241 Capture

Clicking on any of these fields should populate the search field with the name of the field.  From here, you can use a comparator and a value to complete your query.

20140128 1357 Capture

Pressing enter or clicking then on magnifying glass will produce a list of students if there is more than one hit, or bring you to a student page if there is only one hit.

Here are some common examples:




Select a student(s) for a specific date

How do we make a selection for the students you had on the first day of school?  The last day?  A census day for reporting? You can if you follow the search query convention as follows:


20140128 1402 Capture

Even if a student has dropped out or graduated, you will be able to use this function to select all students for the school for a specific date in time.

Ready for advanced queries yet?

Updated on May 31, 2018

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