How do I manage CALPADS Fall 2 Data preparation?

Management of Fall 2 data can be broadly categorized into three steps:

  1. Identifying Staff by Job Classification (Due for Fall 2 Certification as of Census Date)
  2. Complete Staff Data Entry In Your Student Information System (Recommended: as staff are hired or job assignments change the SIS should be updated to prepare for both Fall 2 and End of Year (EOY) reporting)
  3. Complete Course Data Entry In Your Student Information System (Recommended: as courses are added, the SIS should be updated to prepare for both Fall 2 and End of Year (EOY) reporting)

Before you start with the population of this data, it is important that you understand who is supposed to be reported to CALPADS in the first place.  If staff members are not going to be uploaded to CALPADS, then identifying who they are OUTSIDE of your Student Information System first will prevent you from not only doing more work than is necessary, but will also provide an excellent reference for you to check your work should the output reports not work properly.

Step a:  Identifying Staff By Job Classification

Here is how to know which staff to include:

  • Staff employed on Census day that have a job classification that falls under one of the following.
    • Teacher
    • Itinerant or Pull-out/Push-in
    • Charter School Non-Certificated Teacher
    • Non-Classroom based staff
      • Administrators
      • Non-Certificated Administrator
      • Pupil Services
  • Each of the staff listed above must have a valid SEID issued from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing Site click Here.
    • If they do not have an SEID, they can still be submitted but should associated with an SEID of 9999999999 if they meet one of the following criteria according to the CALPADS User Manual:
      • College professors with no K-12 credentials
      • Courses identified as college courses in CALPADS will not generate an exception
      • Contracted employees (COE, other districts, ROC/Ps, outside agencies). This will generate an exception, LEAs must provide evidence that educator holds appropriate credential and authorizations in CalSAAS

Or you can look for those to exclude:

  • Classified Staff – These staff members are reported as part of the CBEDS-ORA report, not CALPADS unless they also have certificated job responsibilities.

Step b:  Making a list in Excel

Now that you know who and what to include, create an excel file that contains the following columns and save it as of Census day to maintain accuracy.

  1. Staff Name
  2. First day of work in this role for this school year.
  3. Actual or predicted last day of work for this school year.
  4. Job Classification Code
  5. Job Classification FTE %
  6. Non-Classroom Based Job Assignment 1 (If Applicable)
  7. Non-Classroom Based Job Assignment 2 (If Applicable)
  8. Non-Classroom Based Job Assignment 3 (If Applicable)
  9. Non-Classroom Based Job Assignment 4 (If Applicable)
  10. Non-Classroom Based Job Assignment 5 (If Applicable)

You can locate how to update Staff data for CALPADS in PowerSchool here.

You can locate how to update Staff data for CALPADS in Aeries here.

Updated on January 3, 2023

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  1. Hi Curtis,

    I’m a little confused as to what to classify one of our 2 T.A.’s; she works part time as a regular T.A. but she is credentialed. Thanks! Gaby

    1. For a TA that is credentialed, try using job classification code “27 – Itinerant or Pull-out/Push-in Teacher” at 50%FTE (If they are half time)

  2. I have an aide who is .375 FTE and is credentialed (has an SEID), would she also be a 27?

    1. You can look at it the other way around. If the aide is a Pull-out/Push-in teacher, they will be that no matter what their FTE is. Same with teacher. At the top of this article, see the job classification descriptions to make a determination of which they should be.

  3. I have a long term sub that will be working on CBEDS day and probably a month or two passed. I report both the sub and the teacher on leave to CALPADS?

    1. Great Question! I confirmed the following with CALPADS today:

      LEAs should report long-term and short-term substitute teachers teaching on Census Day in course sections for which the LEAs do not have permanent teachers. If the LEAs expect the given permanent teachers to return by October 31, the LEAs should report the SEIDs of the permanent teachers in the course section records.

  4. What category are the Aides if hey don’t have Credential?

    1. If the “Aides” that you are referring to are classified staff, they would be completely out of scope for CALPADS and would be included in the CBEDS-ORA report. If they are normally certificated staff but do not have credentials, you would probably be interested in the Charter School Non-Certificated Teacher (Code 26) or Non-certificated Administrator (Code 25) codes but since the devil is in the details with these types of things, I would open a ticket with CALPADS at to see what recommend for your particular situation.

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