How do I pre-register new students in PowerSchool?

Schools may choose to pre-register new students for the next school year at some point during the spring term or the summer months.  However, a few administrative tasks must be completed prior to the pre-registration process.  The new school year start date, end date and grading terms should be defined in PowerSchool’s “Years and Terms.”  Once these dates have been defined, use the process below to pre-register students.

Please do not skip this very important step!

Prior to adding a new student to PowerSchool, we must first check that the student is indeed new. Returning students can easily be mistaken as new since PowerSchool “hides” previous students once they leave, leading you to believe that they are no longer in the system even though they still have a dormant record.  Especially in states like California, the students’ SSID (State Student Number) connects the old records to the new enrollment and is used for state compliance reporting.  Creating a duplicate record with a duplicate SSID is not allowed in PowerSchool and creates a fatal error.

Step 1: Search for a previous record by typing a “/” before the first few letters of the student’s last name.

This will reveal any matches in the database for both new and old students.


If no match is found, you will receive a search alert that “No students match your entry.” You are now ready to create a new student!


Step 2: From the home page, click on “Enroll New Student”


Step 3:  For fast creation, fill in the bare minimum information which includes the following fields highlighted in the red boxes before pressing “Submit”

Because you have time during the pre-registration process, entering all the demographic information now is recommended.


  • Students Name (Last, First Middle)
    • This is a required field for first and last names.  Use the students LEGAL name as it appears on the birth certificate.  Middle name is optional.
  • Gender
    • Male or Female.  Required.
  • Enrollment Date
    • This is the FIRST DAY that the student attends classes at the school.  It will be pre-populated with the current date but you must adjust this to pre-register a new student for next year.  Use the first day of the new school year as the enrollment date.
  • Full Time Equivalency
    • This field is setup for attendance reasons and is required.  Most schools will only have one value in this field to choose.
  • Grade Level
    • Required.
    • Students in Transitional Kindergarten should use KG as their grade level.  Not PK4 (Pre-Kindergarten)
  • School Entry Date
    • This date will be the same as the Enrollment Date if the student is new and never attended the school before.
  • Information for Family Match
    • For the purposes of quickly adding a student to PowerSchool, we ignore the Family Match function.  To do so, we select the following:
      • Select “Enroll without Linking or Copying Information”
      • Unclick “Include Student’s Last Name (last) in Search”

If everything was entered correctly, a student record with an inactive enroll status of -1 is created.  (This field is stored as Enroll_Status in the Students Table.)  Additionally, a pending enrollment is created and will become active at midnight on the enrollment date you entered.

Note of Caution:

Before you pre-register any other students, check the Transfer Info page in the new student entry.

  • Be certain that:
    • The Enrollment Date matches the first day of the next school year.
    • The End Date matches the last school day of the next school year (double-check the year).
    • And finally, that the student is listed as Pre-Registered.




Updated on May 31, 2018

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