How do I print current report cards for a specific teacher in PowerSchool?

In order to print report cards for a specific teacher, you will follow the process just as you would for printing any type of report in PowerSchool:

  1. Select the students in a specific class
  2. Choose the report that you wish to run for that group of students

Step 1:  Under the functions menu on the start page, click “Teacher Schedules”

20140219 1423 Capture

Step 2:  You should see a list of your teachers on the left window pane.  Select the teacher that you want to run the reports for.

20140219 1427 Capture

Step 3:  You should now see a list of that teacher’s classes.  Click on the number under the column “Enrollment”

20140219 1432 Capture

Step 4:  You should now see a list of student names.  Click on “Make Current Student Selection.”

20140219 1434 Capture

Step 5:  You should now see the number of students listed at the top of your page under “Current student selection.”  If it is correct, click on “Print Reports”

20140219 1435 Capture

Step 6:  Select the name of the report card.  Depending on your school, these can be specific to grade, terms or other student subgroups so be very careful about this selection.  Then press “Submit.”

20140219 1437 Capture

Step 7:  You should now be on the Report Queue page.  Click “View” and download your report cards!

20140219 1446 Capture

Updated on April 27, 2018

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