How does the LEA CALPADS Administrator support Smarter Balanced testing?

Smarter Balanced Roles and Responsibilities Summary

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Although there are many roles that are defined by the CAASPP to support the successful completion of Smarter Balanced testing this year, the three listed in the graphic above, LEA CAASPP Coordinator, LEA CALPADS Coordinator, and LEA Technology Coordinator stand out as the roles most central to ensuring delivery of the testing with utilizing best practices for good data management.

1) LEA California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) Coordinator

LEA-level personnel responsible for the overall administration of the Field Test. This person should ensure that School Test Coordinators and Administrators are properly trained, student data is up to date and available, and the infrastructure for testing is ready for the testing period.

2) LEA Technology Coordinator

This person works closely with the LEA CAASPP Coordinator to ensure that the infrastructure is ready for testing. That may include device and network setup.

3) LEA CALPADS Administrator

This person works closely with the LEA CAASPP Coordinator and school registrar to ensure that the most up-to-date information from a school’s Student Information System (SIS) is uploaded to CALPADS in a timely fashion.

So how does the LEA CALPADS Administrator support the LEA CAASPP Coordinator?

1) Changes to enrollments be should be uploaded to CALPADS FAST.

Student enrollments should be updated to CALPADS on the day that a student enters or exits the school.  That requires that the registrar maintain COMPLETE sets of students data at all times as that is the largest risk to not being able to perform regular uploads to sync the school Student Information System to CALPADS.  The LEA CALPADS Administrator should also be notified by the registrar when such changes take affect as they may not assume that there are changes every day.

2) Respond to data gaps when comparing information between the SIS and the Smarter Balanced System – Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE)?

Although the CDE aims to shorten the time it takes for the students to show up in TIDE, it may take up to 48 hours.  As of this writing on March 4, 2014, there is a nightly 3am export from CALPADS to the TIDE system.  In order to reconcile that information, the LEA CAASPP Coordinator can download the data and ask the LEA CALPADS Administrator to confirm that it is correct.  The LEA CAASPP Coordinator can download the student information from TIDE by going to the View/Edit Students portion of TIDE, selecting all students and “Export All to Excel” or “Export All to CSV”.

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3) Help the LEA CAASPP retrieve information for the designated supports and accommodations upload file if requested.

Designated supports and accommodations are not collected in CALPADS so must be uploaded by the LEA CAASPP Coordinator prior to testing.  The can be done one-by-one or via and upload file that uses the SSID to link.  (Template is available through the TIDE portal)  This information may be able to be easily exported out of the school’s SIS system.


Updated on April 27, 2018

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