PowerSchool Indiana State Reporting: Membership Report

Indiana State Report (DOE-ME 2019)

Note: the DOE Membership Report data layout can be obtained here. This file contains detailed information on the requirements and contents of the report as well as submission deadlines.

Layout Requirements

The DOE-ME (Membership Report) focuses on ADM (Average Daily Membership) which includes the following fields:

  • School Number
  • Student Test Number (STN)
  • ADM Type
  • Corporation Number of Legal Settlement
  • Instructional Days
  • Instructional Minutes
  • Grade Level
  • County of Legal Residence
  • Full Day Kindergarten Student

In PowerSchool, the associated student fields for this report are as follows:

  • School Number
    • Servicing_School
    • SchoolNumberPrefix
      • Note: This may not necessarily be available in your PS database
    • [39]Alternate_School_Number
      • Note: this field is pulled from Schools (39) table
    • SchoolID
  • Student Test Number (STN)
    • State_StudentNumber
  • ADM Type
    • ADM_Type
  • Corporation Number of Legal Settlement
    • DistrictOfResidence
  • Instructional Days
    • Instructional_Days
  • Instructional Minutes
    • Instructional_Minutes
  • Grade Level
    • Grade_Level
  • County of Legal Residence
    • County_Residence
  • Full Day Kindergarten Student
    • Half_Time_KG

The field list below can be used for a Quick Export from your PowerSchool site:



Report Parameters

The DOE-ME extract link can be found at the following PowerSchool page:

  • System Reports > State > Indiana ME Extract Report

On this report page, you will have the following options to select from:

  • Use
    • Select the school from the dropdown
    • Use School Dropdown
  • Student to Include
    • Students to include radio buttons
    • The # students selected (you can make a student selection on the Start Page before running the report)
      • For more information on how to do so see the Beginner and Intermediate articles on student selection
    • All students
  • Processing Options:
    • Processing options dropdown
    • ASAP (execute immediately)
    • In Background Now (execute immediately)
    • At Night
      • Execute during the next evening
    • On Weekend
      • Execute during the next weekend
    • On Specific Time
      • Execute at a given time and date
  • Specific Date/Time
    • Specific date and time input
    • Leave this blank unless you want PowerSchool to run the report at a specific time, in which case you must also select “On specific Time” from the Process Options dropdown menu
  • Report Count Date
    • Report count date
    • Enter the date of active enrollments that will be included in the extract
  • Report file format?
    • Report file format
    • Select the file format you would like the report extract to have:
      • Comma Delimited (csv)
      • Fixed Length (txt)
      • XML (eXtensible Markup Language)
  • Add Student Name to Comma Delimited File
    • Add student name
    • Select No if you are submitting this report to the state
    • Select Yes if you are not submitting this report to the state and would like to validate student names coming onto the extract
  • Enter comma-delimited list of grade levels to extract as grade 13
    • Comma-delimited grades
    • Enter a list of grade values which represent grade 13 in your PowerSchool site
  • Run from Extract Viewer?
    • Run from extract viewer
    • Select No if you would not like to view it in the Extract Viewer
    • Select Yes if you would like to view it in the Extract Viewer (it will replace any existing report in the viewer)

If you are stuck on any of the steps outlined above, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us!

Updated on October 12, 2018

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