PowerSchool Indiana State Reporting: Student Test Number

Indiana State Report (DOE-STN 2019)

Note: the DOE Student Test Number Report data layout can be obtained here. This file contains detailed information on the requirements and contents of the report as well as submission deadlines.

Layout Requirements

The DOE-STN report focuses the count of unique identifiers for state and federal reporting. The following fields are included in the DOE-STN report:

  • School Number
  • Student Test Number
  • Student Last Name
  • Student First Name
  • Student Middle Name/Middle Initial
  • Student Name Suffix
  • Language Code
  • Gender
  • Birth Date
  • Ethnicity/Race

In PowerSchool, the associated student fields for this report are as follows:

  • School Number
    • [39]SchoolID
  • Student Test Number
    • State_StudentNumber
  • Student Last Name
    • Last_Name
  • Student First Name
    • First_Name
  • Student Middle Name/Middle Initial
    • Middle_Name
  • Student Name Suffix
    • Suffix_Name
  • Language Code
    • [S_IN_STU_X]Native_Language_Code
  • Gender
    • Gender
  • Birth Date
    • DOB
  • Ethnicity/Race
    • FedEthnicity
    • [StudentRace]RaceCd

The field list below can be used for a Quick Export from your PowerSchool site:


Report Parameters

The DOE-STN extract link can be found at the following PowerSchool page:

  • System Reports > State > Student Test Number (DOE-STN) Report

On this report page, you will have the following options to select from:

  • Use
    • Select which PowerSchool school site to include in this report
  • Students to Include
    • You can make a selection of students from the Start Page
  • Processing Options

  • Specific Date/Time If you choose On Specific Time in the Processing Options, make sure to provide that date in the Specific Date/Time field
  • Report Start Date
    • Type the start date for which the records are to be included
  • Report End Date
    • Type the end date for which the records are to be included
  • Report File Format
  • Add Student Name & Header Row to Comma Delimited File
    • Note: the Header Row is optional and should not be submitted to the state

If you are stuck on any of the steps outlined above, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us!

Updated on December 26, 2018

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