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Below are instructions for building a Transcript Object in a Report Card Object Report.

To get started you will base your Transcript Object measurements on the Object Report measurements you have entered for your Report Card.

Step 1:  Create a Header

In our Object Report, we have created a Text Object where our Header information, Course, Course Section, Teacher and Each Quarter, will be listed. Example below:

Step 2:  Create a Transcript Object

Define the box that contains the transcript course listing.

As you can see we have used the measurements in the photo above, in the first section of our Transcript Object based on the X & Y axis.

We have left the majority of the following rows in Default settings (pictured above). Please review for additional information:

  • If listing overflow this object, start a new column with these margins. We have left this blank as we would like are margins to remain the same if the Object Report was to extend onto an additional page.
  • Team/school name font: Default
  • Size, line height, style: 10, 12, Bold
  • Term/school displays: Blank, you can include the School Year & School Name if you would like (ie: 18-19 MeasureED High School)
  • Course listing font: Default
  • Size, line height, style: 8, 10 – you can make adjustments accordingly if you have additional columns that may not fit you may want to decrease the size of the font or if you would like the text to be larger you would increase it.
  • Cell padding: Horizontal 4, Vertical 2

Create your Transcript Object Columns

Columns – the information you enter in the columns will pull from the Permanently Stored Grades, or the current grades. You can choose which you would like in the bottom page settings discussed in Additional Feature section. This is very important to enter correctly! As you enter the information, you will need to enter the width your text will need as well as how you would like the text aligned: Left, Center, Right.

  • We have used the first few rows for class & teacher information:
    • Course Name – Width: 1.5, Align: L
    • Course Number – Width: 1, Align L
    • Other: we used various codes in the Other section to pull certain information, you can find the list in the Codes Used section of this article – ~(teacher_name), Width: 1.5, Align: L
  • After you have entered the course & teacher information, you will need to enter the term & grading information you would like to see on the Report Card. Again, you will have to enter the width of the Letter Grade & Percentage. If the width is not large enough, grades & percentages may drop into a second row.
    • Term: Q1
      • Field: Letter Grade
    • Term: Q1
      • Field: Percent: (format:)

Note the entries (Letter Grade & Percent) in the Columns section will be placed next to each other horizontally in the final Report Card (example below).

Repeat this process for the entire school year terms.

  • You can also use the ‘Other:’ option to include additional information in one section if you need more columns than those provided.
    • ie: Course Name & Teacher Name – select ‘Other:’ and in the Other Field/Text/Format section, you can enter: ~(course_name) – ~(teacher_name)

Select Additional Features

  • Include only historical grades from these grade levels – Enter the range of grade levels to print historical grades for certain grade levels in the transcripts. In our example, we have entered the grade level 12 to 12. We did this because we do not want any historical grades to display, only the current school year for 12th graders (pictured below).
  • Restrict to this credit type – Transcript Objects sort course information chronologically displaying the most recent courses first. If you would like to sort the transcript by credit category, you would enter that information here.
  • Exclude blank grades? – Select the checkbox if you do not want to display courses for which the student did not received a grade. We have not selected this feature as it is a great way to find out if the student may be missing a grade.
  • Include current grades? – Select this checkbox to include grades for the current term.
  • Current school only? – Select this checkbox to include grades for only the current school.
  • Override “Exclude from Transcripts” Historical Grade setting? – If the Exclude from Transcripts? setting on the Edit Stored Grades page is set to Exclude, you can use this checkbox to override that setting.
  • Sort grades by – you can use this feature to sort the grades by: Course Name, Course Number, Credit Type, Ascending by grade level, then course number.
  • Page – Enter the page number of the report on which you want this transcript object to print.
  • Layer – If you would like this object to appear behind or in front of another object, choose the layer placementfrom the drop down. To place the transcript object in front of all of the layers, you would select the highest number.

Final Output

Your final Report Card – Transcript Object Report should look similar to the example below:

Codes Used in the Transcript Object

  • ~(teacher_name)
  • ~(Absences)
  • ~(Tardies)
  • ~(Comments)


Updated on October 1, 2018

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