PowerSchool Report and Export Codes | Data Access Tags (DATs)

Below is a list of Data Access Tags that have been used by our team in PowerSchool servers and have been known to work with some version of PowerSchool(which is always changing!). These codes can be used in certain reports and exports such as:

  • Form Letters
  • Mailing Labels
  • Object Reports: Text Object
  • Report Card Header
  • Report Card Footer
  • List Students Group Function
  • Quick Export
  • GPA Student Screens page
  • AutoSend

Attendance and Membership

Daily Membership(Date Range) is ^(*DM;7/1/2019;6/30/2020)
Daily Attendance(Date Range) is ^(*DA;7/1/2019;6/30/2020)
Daily Absences(Date Range) is ^(*DABS;7/1/2019;6/30/2020)
Daily Attendance Dates (Date Range) is ^(daily.att.dates;;,;A,U;7/1/2019;6/30/2020)
Period Attendance Count (Date Range) is ^(per.att;1(A);TX,TU;7/01/19;6/30/20)
Period Attendance Dates (Date Range) is ^(dates.of.attendance;P1(A);,;TX,TU;7/01/19;6/30/20)


Weighted GPA is ^(*gpa method="Weighted")
Credit Hours is ^(*credit_hours)
Potential Credit Hours is ^(*potential_credit_hours)

Class Rank

The student's class rank is ^(*classrank method="{Insert Method Name}" result="rank")
The student's class rank "out of" the total number of ranked students is ^(*classrank method="{Insert Method Name}" result="rankoutof")
The student's class rank "of" the total number of ranked students is ^(*classrank method="{Insert Method Name}" result="rankof")
The total number of students on the class rank list is ^(*classrank method="{Insert Method Name}" result="outof")
The school name associated with the rank is ^(*classrank method="{Insert Method Name}" result="schoolname")
The student's GPA associated with the rank is ^(*classrank method="{Insert Method Name}" result="gpa")
The student's rank percentile, calculated to four digits is ^(*classrank method="{Insert Method Name}" result="percentile" percentiledigits="4")

Honor Roll

The student's honor roll is (if applicable) ^(*honorroll method="[method]" term="[term]" grade="[grade level]" year="[year]" result="[output result]")


Long Date is ^[letter.date]
Short Date is ^[short.date]
Formatted Date is ^[date;dateformat=dd/mm/yyyy]
Time is ^[time]
IP Address is ^[ip address]
PowerSchool version is ^[version]
Report Name is ^[reportname]

Student Information
Student First Name is ^(first_name)
Student Last Name is ^(last_name)
Student Last, First name is ^(lastfirst)
Student First Name and Last Initial is ^(first_name) ^(last_name;substring=1,1)
Student Age is ^(age)
Student Age (Long) is ^(age;long)

Smart Pronouns
He/She is ^(He/She)
he/she is ^(he/she)
His/Her is ^(His/Her)
his/her is ^(his/her)
Him/Her is ^(Him/Her)
him/her is ^(him/her)
Son/Daughter is ^(Son/Daughter)
son/daughter is ^(son/daughter)

School Information
School Abbreviation is ^(schoolabbr)
School Name is ^(schoolname)
School Year / Term Abbreviation is ^(abbryearterm)
School Year Name is ^(yearname)
Term Abbreviation is ^(termabbr)
Term Name is ^(termname)
School(Table) Name is ^([39]name)
School(Table) Address is ^([39]schooladdress)
School(Table) City is ^([39]schoolcity)
School(Table) State is ^([39]schoolstate)
School(Table) Zip is ^([39]schoolzip)
School(Table) Phone is ^([39]schoolphone)
School(Table) Fax is ^([39]schoolfax)
School(Table) Principal is ^([39]Principal)
School(Table) Assistant Principal is ^([39]AsstPrincipal)

Scheduling (Period Info)

Replace P1(A) with your own Period Expression!

Course/Section Information
Course Name is ^(*period_info;P1(A);course_name)
Course Number is ^(*period_info;P1(A);course_number)
Section Number is ^(*period_info;P1(A);section_number)
Room is ^(*period_info;P1(A);room)

Grading Information
Current Grade is ^(*period_info;P1(A);current_grade)
Current Percent is ^(*period_info;P1(A);current_percent)
Current Citizenship is ^(*period_info;P1(A);current_citizenship)
Teacher Comment is ^(*period_info;P1(A);teacher_comment)

Teacher Information
Teacher full name(last,first) is ^(*period_info;P1(A);teacher_name)
Teacher title is ^(*period_info;P1(A);teacher_I_title)
Teacher First Name is ^(*period_info;P1(A);teacher_I_first_name)
Teacher Last Name is ^(*period_info;P1(A);teacher_I_last_name)
All teachers ever associated to a section is ^(*period_info;P1(A);all_section_teachers)
All teachers currently associated to a section is ^(*period_info;P1(A);current_section_teachers)

Stored Grades

Replace XX with your own Period Expression!
Replace TT with the store code of the desired final grade reporting term
Stored (Historical) Grades Information


Standards Data Access Tags have two settings that are set in the District Admin portal if you follow the breadcrumb trail below:

District (Setup) > Standards (Grading) > Standards Data Access Tag (DAT) Formatting

Replace A.B.C with your Standard Identifier
Replace T1 with your desired reporting term

Standard Information
Name is ^(*std.info.name;A.B.C)
Description is ^(*std.info.desc;A.B.C)

Standard Grades
Grade/Mark is ^(*std.stored.transavg;A.B.C;T1)
Comment is ^(*std.stored.comment;A.B.C;T1)

Transcript Object

Percent Format
Field: Percent (format:)
Other Field/Text/Format: ##.##

Grade Level
Field: Other:
Other Field/Text/Format: ~(grade_level)

Teacher Name
Field: Other:
Other Field/Text/Format: ~(teacher_name)

Custom Text String/Multiple Fields
Field: Other:
Other Field/Text/Format: ~(course_name) taught by: ~(teacher_name)


uppercase: Outputs the text in all upper case
Example: ^(lastfirst;uppercase) for John Doe will output JOHN DOE
dateformat: Outputs a date value in a different format than what is stored on the server
Example: ^(dob;dateformat=MMMM D, YYYY) for 04/02/1980 will output April 2, 1980

long: Outputs an Age to years, months and days
Example: ^(Age;long) will output 11 years 4 months and 4 days
Updated on August 22, 2019

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