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Meredith Gillett

Meredith brings over 20 years’ worth of experience in education and was a third-generation teacher who taught in California, West Virginia and Arizona. Meredith served as a WASC Coordinator and is very well-versed in the compliance arena. She earned a BA in English from Rockhurst and received her CA Teaching Credential at Chapman University. Her passion in life is making a measureable difference in education. Meredith’s driving force is her family, especially her two sons, who keep her young at heart.

Laura Flores

Laura developed a passion for education and student data management at a young age. For over 10 years, Laura has worked as a Registrar and volunteered with schools and non-profit organizations throughout California. She earned her BA in Public Administration from San Diego State University. Laura loves exploring all that the Bay Area has to offer from food to music to the great outdoors, she always finds something new!

Veronica Vargas

Veronica developed a passion for education and data management through her experience in higher education. She values data-driven decision making, strategic thinking, and enjoys any opportunity to learn something new! Veronica is a first generation college graduate who earned her BA in Sociology from Texas A&M University-San Antonio and her Master of Public Administration from UTSA. Veronica loves exploring her hometown of San Diego and spending quality time with her family, friends, and her dog!

Heather Miller

Heather brings over 15 years of experience in data and education. Her passion is improving data quality to bridge the equity gap by simplifying complex data issues for the end-user. Her experience includes State Reporting, data analysis, classroom experience, and deep knowledge of “A-G” coursework alignment to assist high school students in tracking their eligibility towards their 4-year college pathway. Heather earned her degree in Communication from California State University – Sacramento. When not being a data geek, Heather enjoys time with her husband and son, spending time outdoors and gardening.

Elina Floridia

Elina was a mentor for college students when her passion for education emerged. Since then she has committed herself to aiding in the success of students. She earned her BA in Spanish Studies from UC Santa Cruz and MA in Higher Education Leadership from CSU Northridge. She has over 6 years of experience working in education and is passionate about student equity, improving best practices, and accurate educational data. Outside of work Elina enjoys spending time with family, baking, and caring for her indoor plants!

Shakendra Belisle

Shakendra’s passion for educational success started in 2014 when she served at-risk youth providing access to education in San Diego. She learned early on that bad data prolonged the educational journey and developed a keen sense for data accuracy. As a Registrar, she knew data accuracy and accountability gave students the opportunity to experience a smooth transition into higher education. Shakendra joined the MeasureED team in 2022 and continues to contribute opportunities for schools and students to achieve educational success. She loves spending quality time with her children, especially at the park where you can find her hammocking or roller skating!

Sean Alob

Sean values the collaboration, time, and dedication it takes to create an effective impact in education. For over thirteen years, she worked and volunteered in schools throughout Los Angeles County. She earned her BA in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Chicano Studies and her Master of Public Administration from CSUN. She enjoys analyzing student data, detailing accuracy in compliance, and working with a skillful team to empower school partners throughout the nation.

Brigitte Foisy

Brigitte’s devotion to education began with her own children. As the mother of 3, one with special needs, she quickly developed a passion for improving student outcomes in the educational system. This passion initially led her to working in her local school district as a school Librarian and Instructional Aide for Intervention Services. She is currently in the process of adding to her degree in Library Media and Technology with a BS in Educational Studies from Central State University, though when not studying, she and her family can be found biking, hiking, and surfing in beautiful Southern California!

Brad Torti

Brad started in education teaching high school American Literature and English Language Development before moving into a role as a Teacher on Special Assignment for the central office. From there, he spent 8 years in site administration, first as a high school assistant principal and then as a middle school principal. His experiences and passions are in data-guided decision-making, reflective practice, and equity in opportunity for all. He earned degrees in English and Linguistics from California State University, Northridge, and when not diving through data or exploring pedagogy, you might find him cycling along the Southern California coastline or playing tabletop or card games with his kids.

Curtis Loo

Curtis taught math at a charter school in San Francisco before continuing to hone his skills in various locations in Eurasia and across the US. He now manages student data with the best team ever and is constantly inspired by the schools that he has the privilege to work with. He is a proud product of the K-12 public school system in California, has a BS from UCSD, a teaching credential from SFSU and an MBA from HKUST. Curtis loves building things and has a strong preference for bricks that come in the 4×2 format.

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