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AzEDS Data Management Services

We manage your student data submissions from data entry to certification.

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Student data management news, updates, and best practices for Arizona State Reporting and Data Submissions.

All AzEDS support options include

  • Real-life Amazing Humans

    With our extensive experience and deep expertise, we've cultivated meaningful partnerships across a broad spectrum of schools. These connections empower us to craft innovative, supportive solutions that AI cannot replicate.

  • Unlimited Access

    Leverage our services to your heart's content. At our core, we believe that true success is measured by the number of challenges we help you overcome, not the time it takes to do so.

  • A Deep Bench

    Every MeasureED partner is assigned not just a primary contact and a backup for seamless support but also has the direct cell phone number to our company President. Our President is actively engaging in projects daily.

  • Ticketless Problem Solving

    Experience a direct, personalized connection with our team through cell phone, email, and videoconferencing. We do not use service tickets to ensure that when you reach out, you're greeted by a familiar voice every single time.

  • Sustainability

    Our ultimate goal is to empower your team to such an extent that our assistance becomes optional, not mandatory. Celebrating your independence is one way we define success.

  • 30-day Notice

    At our core, we're committed to the growth and success of your team. If our services no longer align with your evolving needs, we believe in empowering you with the flexibility to pivot without the constraints of a lengthy contract.

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