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PowerSchool SIS Administration Services

Get the most out of your student information system.

Our consultants help unlock the most from PowerSchool SIS.

PowerSchool's out-of-the-box experience is rich with functionalities. Our goal is to thoughtfully align your school's day-to-day operations with the included capabilities of PowerSchool SIS.  Our approach does not rely on additional coding expertise, plug-ins, or third-party customizations so you can build a sustainable, efficient and effective SIS right from the start.

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PowerSchool as it was designed.

Your institution has made a significant investment in PowerSchool, and we're here to ensure you utilize as much of its offered functionality as possible. Our approach optimizes for the setup of the core elements of PowerSchool:  Scheduling, Grading, Attendance, and Compliance.  Additional functions are then built on the core setup that ensure that Portals, Lunch Administration, Graduation Planners and more are set up for optimal alignment with the rest of the system.

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Grow PowerSchool capabilities sustainably with documentation.

Is your PowerSchool SIS configuration fully documented with the who, what, where, when and why your system is set up as it is? Measure Education is committed to documentation just as must as the setup because it validates that setup is correct and that proposed changes to the system should be incremental improvements with considered impact on the many stakeholders that use PowerSchool.

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An amazing team as your guide.

Navigating PowerSchool is never a solo journey, yet numerous schools face constraints that limit access to the advantages of a larger team. We understand these challenges and offer a comprehensive data team solution right from the start. This ensures that even schools with new or solitary PowerSchool Admins can harness the strength and expertise of a significantly larger, seasoned PowerSchool team.

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A process managed from the first day of school to the last.

At the heart of our approach lies Project and Change Management. We're here to support you with the tools and methodologies designed to eliminate the stress and uncertainty from the process of managing PowerSchool SIS. We aim to ensure that your system is set up ahead of schedule and with a feeling of control.

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