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What partners are saying about MeasureED

The MeasureED team is very knowledgeable about the many types of school data systems. They are efficient, innovative, and are excited about the work they do for the schools.
Cong Liu, Technology Manager, THE ACCELERATED SCHOOL
The service was prompt, courteous and thorough. They always made everyone feel comfortable and the at ease to ask for help. It was a pleasure working with MeasureED, and hope to keep doing so!
Lupe Mendez, Director of Human Resources, ACADEMIA MODERNA

Reliable. Solutions-Oriented. Speedy Delivery. These are what come to mind when I think of MeasureED. They promised that my school would be ready for the first day of school and they delivered!
Henry Liu, Director of Operations, HARLEM VILLAGE ACADEMIES
MeasureED was very responsive to our needs. Their knowledge of CALPADS and customer service helped to ease a stressful situation. Thank you MeasureED for providing this service to schools in need.
Tiffany Gilmore, Founder and CEO, GARVEY ALLEN ACADEMY

Customer service (quality, time and friendliess) are of the utmost importance to Measure Education. Your school schedule will be entrusted to the most caring, capable hands you could ask for. It is a pleasure to do business with them!
Roxi Garrett, Registrar and Counseling Secretary, LAKE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL
MeasureED helped me troubleshoot my challenges in a really patient and supportive way. I was navigating a report that I have never run before and I got exactly the information I needed to get to the next level. This is a great service.

MeasureED did a great job at helping me sort through my PowerSchool issues and also has a great personality to go along with it. They were easy to work with and very knowledgeable about the system. I definitely will be using them again.
Jenn Koedel, Administrative Assistant, FREEPORT SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL
MeasureED has been an amazing partner for our team with clear communication and support. We always knew you were there to help in whatever way we needed. No question or request was too big or small. We super appreciate all the work you all have done with ARISE.
Leslie Montano, Director of Operations, ARISE HIGH SCHOOL

MeasureED invests heavily in a path for schools to acquire the knowledge, training, and expertise to someday manage their student data systems on their own. Because of this, their team of experts has set us up for success in a way that will continue to improve the outcomes of our students for years to come.
Casey Muse, Chief Technology Officer, LIGHTHOUSE ACADEMIES
No matter what question I would ask, I knew that they would get back to me as soon as possible, and that they would be able to help me. Their support is invaluable as my reports are on time and error free. I loved the EOY/BOY documentation that they provided as it guided me to ensure a smooth transition from year to year. I would highly recommend their services.
Cathy Gomes, Student Information Manager, BAY VIEW ACADEMY

The team at MeasureED served as invaluable members of the Growth Public Schools founding team. Their approach was thoughtful, proactive and most importantly, unique to our particular school and community of students. Their customer service was top-notch and they worked with us to build our in-house capacity. MeasureED sets the bar for what good consulting looks like.
Candice Lamarche, Chief Operations Manager, GROWTH PUBLIC SCHOOLS
As a new user of the Powerschool platform, we had to also develop new standards based report cards. Measure Education provided a cost-effective solution that combined custom coding with out of the box features and delivered our report cards on time and working right. They also proved to be a partner that we will continue to work with as their breadth of Powerschool knowledge and professionalism was evident throughout the process.

It’s a great pleasure to work with the always-available and extremely knowledgeable folks at MeasureED. Besides vital general assistance and problem solving, I regularly receive explanations about the underlying reasons for various data collections, tips for anticipating how current data collection will impact future reporting, and the bonus of a sense of empowerment for learning and developing my own expertise. Highest praise for the value they add!
Tracy Liu, Coordinator of Program Effectiveness, EPIPHANY PREP CHARTER SCHOOL
MeasureED provided invaluable assistance to our school. When we began to implement PowerSchool we soon realized we were in over our heads in the ability to navigate the complexities of the SIS and create customized reports. MeasureED provided technical support on the SIS and designed custom reports to our specifications. Their service was tailored to our specific needs, was customer-focused, and always prompt and courteous. It was a pleasure working with their staff. We would not hesitate to use MeasureED again or to recommend them to others.
Todd Peckarsky, Assistant Registrar, TRINITY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL FAIRFAX

I can’t say enough about MeasureED and their commitment to excellence. We contracted with them to help with our migration during our conversion to PowerSchool student information system. They were easy to work with, met all deadlines with exceptional attention to the integrity of our data and offered their expertise in best practices. We decided to extend the contract in order to have access to their experience with Object Reports, State reporting, exports, end of term procedures and a host of other tasks during our first year. They were an exceptional resource and made what is always a tough transition as seamless as possible.
I was stressed out from trying to complete a high priority project for the school districts that we contract with. Getting no support or response from the organizations that assigned the projects. I then contacted MeasureED. Even though it was 5pm on a Friday, MeasureED took the time to walk me through understanding the project better and make sure I knew that they were available in case I needed more support.
Juan Davis, Assistant Director, A BETTER CHANCE SCHOOL

MeasureED is AMAZING! They went above and beyond to help investigate the issues we have. They were knowledgeable and efficiently moved through the different aspects of our SIS, even though each school’s can be set up differently. They were friendly and able to distill even technical information into easy-to-understand language. I would HIGHLY recommend MeasureED to any school who needs help.
I was blown away by Measure Education’s level of service and care. Without a contract ever being discussed, a representative of their company took the time on a Sunday to conference call with me half way around the world and help me troubleshoot some of our Powerschool issues. When you combine that level of care and service with expertise you have a very powerful ally for your school.

I want to personally endorse MeasureED and their employees. I am an experienced administrator of five years, but new to the PowerSchool platform. I have called their team several times and they have quickly and easily helped me navigate through my challenges. There are literally no wait times on the phone and the quality of responses and help I receive are second to none.
Jason Spang, Principal, PEOTONE HIGH SCHOOL
I was stumped on a complicated advanced topic that I normally work through easily. I found a similar topic on their Knowledge For Schools portal which led me to send an email query to them and I received an exact, correct reply within minutes that put me back-on-track. Thanks MeasureED!
Bruce Cates, Director of Technology, PACIFIC GROVE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT

Measured Education is amazing! They answered my questions and walked me through what I needed to know in order to successfully prepare my SIS File. Thank you again for your wonderful support!
Sevana Minasvand, Reading Specialist, HAYWARD TWIN OAKS MONTESSORI SCHOOL
Working with MeasureED was a pleasure. They were 100% responsive to our needs and provided a quality object report that is sleek and has professional polish. We loved the experience!
Amy Herman, Director of Student Services, TITUSVILLE AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT

Thank You .. So Much! After speaking with you and reviewing the resources you provided I feel confident to approach my CBO regarding our upcoming CEP program application.
Marta Shand, Director of Child Nutrition, BEAUMONT UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT
MeasureED is the best! They were so helpful in assisting me to run a list of Honor Roll seniors. Thank you so much.
Lisa Siembida, Office Manager, PINOLE VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL