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[AZ] AzEDS FY 2025 Instructional Calendars and Optional 200-Day Year

The Arizona Department of Education's School Finance Office has released crucial updates regarding the submission of instructional calendars for Fiscal Year 2025, as detailed in Memorandum 25-002. These updates come with important instructions and deadlines for Local Education Agencies (LEAs), including school districts and charter schools. Here are the primary takeaways from the memorandum:

Submission Requirements and Deadlines

  • Instructional Calendar Entry: LEAs must submit instructional calendars through student information systems for each school site, which will be accepted starting June 1, 2024.
  • Certification Deadline: Calendars must be approved and certified by August 15, 2024, to ensure that they meet the minimum instructional time requirements as stipulated in A.R.S. § 15-901.
  • Data Capture Deadline: The deadline for data capture to influence the September 23, 2024 payment is August 15, 2024.

Operational Rules

  • Minimum Instructional Time: All calendars must adhere to state-defined minimum instructional times, which vary by grade level.
  • Holiday Observations: Schools must observe four specific holidays (July 4, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving Day, and December 25) as non-session days to avoid errors in the AzEDS system.
  • Winter Break Limitations: The winter break period cannot exceed two school weeks, as exceeding this limit will result in an Integrity error in the AzEDS.

Optional 200-Day Calendar

  • Increased Funding Option: Districts and charters can opt for a 200-day instructional calendar which entails a 5% increase in their base level funding amount. To qualify, annual instructional time must be increased by 10%.
  • Application Process: Those interested must submit a signed request and a completed compliance form to the Arizona Department of Education by June 15, 2024, and ensure that their budgets reflect the increased days.

Compliance and Assistance

  • Support Access: LEAs can seek help or clarifications through the School Finance Help Desk or by calling directly.
  • Post-Deadline Modifications: Changes to calendars can be made and re-certified through August 31 of the school year; post-deadline changes require approval from School Finance.

Special Notes for Online Instruction

  • Exemption for AOI Schools: Arizona Online Instruction schools are not required to submit a calendar.


The detailed instructions in Memorandum 25-002 emphasize the importance of timely and accurate calendar submissions to ensure proper funding and compliance with state educational standards. LEAs must act promptly to align their instructional schedules with state requirements and take advantage of potential funding increases through the optional 200-day calendar. This structured approach is designed to aid LEAs in planning and executing their academic year effectively, ensuring educational continuity and compliance. For further details, LEAs should refer to the user guide and additional resources provided by the School Finance Office.

This overview captures the essential aspects of the memorandum, helping school administrators navigate through the procedural landscape for FY 2025 efficiently.

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