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[CA] Key Takeaways from CALPADS Digest - June 21, 2024

Recent Updates

  • 2023–24 CALPADS to Dashboard Handbook Released

    • Available on the CDE Dashboard Resources web page under the Technical Information tab.
    • Encourages collaboration between CALPADS Administrators and Dashboard Coordinators for data review before the End-of-Year (EOY) deadline of August 16, 2024.
  • CALPADS Flashes

    • Flash #282 (June 20, 2024): Update on the Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer (S-EBT) Program.
    • Flash #281 (June 18, 2024): Information on District of Choice (DOC) Participation & Data Reporting.
    • Flash #280 (June 17, 2024): Includes information on SENR0654E3 and a reminder to use the new Grade Level Code TK for Transitional Kindergarten students.
    • Flash #279 (June 17, 2024): Guidelines for assessing students' English Language Acquisition Status during July and August.
    • Flash #278 (June 14, 2024): Purging of Former Foster Youth Report and EOY submission reminders.
    • Flash #277 (June 13, 2024): Procedures for reclassifying and reporting Reclassified Fluent English Proficient (RFEP) students during summer when students are not enrolled.
    • Flash #276 (June 13, 2024): Enrollment information for students with disabilities undergoing initial evaluation for Special Education services, and updates on Certification Data Discrepancy (CDD) PLAN0637E4.
    • Flash #275 (June 11, 2024): Release of the 2023 Dashboard Technical Guide and clarifications on the use of CALPADS data in the College/Career Indicator.


  • EOY Submission Deadline:

    • July 26, 2024: LEAs must approve all EOY submissions by this date.
    • August 16, 2024: Deadline for the Amendment Window closure; both LEAs and SELPAs must approve their EOY 3 and 4 submissions.
    • No Extensions: The July 26 EOY deadline will not be extended.
  • ETS Lookup Tool:

    • In collaboration with Educational Testing Service (ETS), a lookup tool is available to address questions regarding student record discrepancies for California statewide assessments.


The June 21, 2024, CALPADS Digest provides critical updates and reminders for Local Educational Agency (LEA) representatives. The release of the 2023–24 CALPADS to Dashboard Handbook aims to assist in data review ahead of the EOY deadline. Numerous CALPADS Flashes offer guidance on various topics, from the S-EBT Program to special education evaluations. The digest emphasizes the importance of meeting the EOY submission deadlines, with no extensions available. Additionally, a useful lookup tool from ETS is highlighted to help resolve student record discrepancies for statewide assessments. This digest serves as an essential resource for LEA representatives to stay informed and ensure compliance with CALPADS requirements.

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