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[CA] Key Takeaways from CALPADS Update Flash #276

The CALPADS Update Flash #276, issued on June 13, 2024, provides crucial updates and guidance for Local Educational Agency (LEA) representatives regarding the enrollment of students with disabilities, the handling of Certification Data Discrepancy (CDD) issues, and reporting requirements. Here are the main points summarized:

Enrollment of Students with Disabilities (SWDs):

  • Evaluation Requirement: LEAs must evaluate students for special education services within 60 days after receiving parental consent, as mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part B Program.
  • SSID Requirement: A Statewide Student Identifier (SSID) is necessary for submitting special education data to CALPADS. However, the absence of an SSID should not delay the evaluation.
  • Data Collection:
    • Ideally, parents/guardians should complete the standard enrollment form to provide all demographic data.
    • If full data is unavailable, a paper form should be used to collect at least the student’s legal first and last name, birth date, gender, Hispanic ethnicity indicator, race, and parents’ highest education level.
  • Creating Enrollment:
    • If full demographic data is available, use it to create an enrollment in the Student Information System (SIS) and submit it to CALPADS.
    • If only partial data is available, obtain an SSID using the minimum required data and complete the enrollment in CALPADS once the missing information is obtained.

Certification Data Discrepancy (CDD) Issue - PLAN0637E4:

  • Issue Description: The CDD PLAN0637E4, which checks for discrepancies where a student on an Education Plan is not currently enrolled, was over-triggering due to data conversion during the special education file redesign.
  • Solution: This validation will be permanently disabled for both End-of-Year (EOY) 4 and Fall 1 data submissions. Instead, the California Department of Education (CDE) will update records post-submission to correct the discrepancies.
  • Future Measures: An Operational Data Store (ODS) report will be developed to identify and address inconsistencies in students’ Special Education Statuses and Nonparticipation Reasons, improving data accuracy and transparency.

Inclusion of Prior Year Exited Students in Current Year Reports:

  • Reports 16.22 and 16.23: These certification reports help LEAs verify counts and details for students by Special Education Status and Non-Participation Reason.
  • Inclusion Criteria: Students who were exited from special education between May 15 and June 30 of the prior school year will be included in the current year's reports to ensure accuracy in tracking and reporting these statuses.

General Recommendations:

  • Data Completeness: LEAs should strive to obtain complete demographic data for students to ensure accurate reporting and compliance.
  • Coordination: Collaboration between special education staff and SIS coordinators is essential to manage enrollments and SSIDs effectively.

These updates are designed to streamline the processes for enrolling students with disabilities, address recurring data discrepancies, and ensure comprehensive and accurate reporting for special education students.

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