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[CA] CDE DataQuest Update, Issue #20

The California Department of Education's DataQuest platform remains an invaluable resource for accessing detailed educational data. The most recent update, Issue #20, highlights significant enhancements and new data sets that continue to support the educational community in California. Here’s an overview of the key takeaways from this update:

  • Introduction of Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Data:

    • Starting from the 2023-24 academic year, Transitional Kindergarten has been categorized as a separate grade level in the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS). This shift allows for more detailed and specific reporting of TK student data, aligning with updates to educational policy and reporting requirements.
  • Comprehensive Annual Enrollment Reports:

    • The release includes updated annual enrollment reports that now integrate the new TK grade-level data. These reports provide a multifaceted view of enrollment across various demographics, including ethnicity, grade, and English language acquisition status, at the state, county, and local levels.
  • English Learner and Free and Reduced-Price Meal Data:

    • Detailed reports on English Learners and students receiving free or reduced-price meals have been updated to reflect the latest data submissions. These reports are critical for understanding demographic shifts and aiding in policy-making and resource allocation.
  • Enhanced DataQuest Portal Accessibility:

    • DataQuest has streamlined the process for accessing these reports. Users can select reports via an improved navigation system on the platform, which includes drop-down menus and filter options to customize data retrieval based on specific needs and interests.
  • Support for Data-Driven Decision-Making:

    • The update emphasizes the platform’s role in supporting data-driven decision-making in education. By providing up-to-date and comprehensive data, DataQuest helps educators, policymakers, and researchers make informed decisions that can impact educational outcomes and resource distribution.
  • Future Data Releases:

    • Looking ahead, the CDE plans to release additional reports, such as those detailing teacher assignments, special education settings, and college-going rates. These forthcoming releases demonstrate the ongoing commitment to expanding the scope and depth of data available to the public.

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